Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

Joe and I are enjoying our “experience-focused” Countdown to Christmas. (If you missed the last post, which talked about this, you can read it later, here.) Oh my heart, I wish you could see Joe when he comes downstairs in the mornings for breakfast and hurries to open his little brown paper bag to see what that day’s experience will be! A trip to Starbucks for some signature hot cocoa before heading over to the airport to watch the planes was probably Joe’s favorite so far!

This exercise in soaking in the simple joy of shared experiences has been wonderful for me in all areas of life! I find that I’m focusing less on “stuff” and enjoying the process of preparing for gift giving even more than in years past. Though I should always shop, create, and plan this way, I realize that I’m choosing to take the time to think: “What hobby or interest that this child has could we encourage with this or that gift?” “What could we provide for that friend that would uplift her spirits or be a reminder to her of our friendship and God’s grace?” “How can we share the love of Christ with this individual through the gift that we give to him or her?”

I wish I could say that I always shop or plan that way, but I don’t. However, in my intentionality regarding focusing on what matters, I was recently reminded of these words from Scripture:

“Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth” (Colossians 3:2, NASB).

It’s putting the joy back into what can otherwise seem like the mindless and obligatory spending of money. I want my life, my days, my moments—my gift giving—to have eternity’s values in mind.

Here’s what I’m giving to some of my younger friends (and several of my older ones too):

The eleven-year-old owner of The Bowline Soap Company is a child entrepreneur who creates some of the most delightful soaps I’ve ever seen or used, and they are a huge hit! Their fragrance is delicate (not overpowering at all), their price worthy of their quality, and their lasting power second to none. I have put them in some little unmarked boxes under our tree so that when guests come, they can choose a box from under the tree! Kids of all ages love opening these soaps and using them! So moms who have a hard time getting your kids to bathe…buy now and thank me later! And ladies, here’s a little secret for you: the donut soap is incredible for shaving your legs (sooooo creamy)! The Whipped Dreams takes so little I think I’ll never use up and entire jar. And the new little Massage Bar in Cranberry Orange is ingenious! I love it, and it makes a great gift for both men and women! You can purchase from Bowline Soap Co. by clicking here.

Suggested Scripture reading today in the Countdown to Christmas: Luke 6 (or listen to it here via

Luke has 24 chapters. Even though some are QUITE long, I love to read the 24 chapters of Luke on the days leading up to Christmas and then re-read Luke 2 on Christmas day!


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