Change Happens

This was to have been an announcement that The ABCs of T2:3 — Integrating the Names, Character Qualities, and Attributes of God with the Principles of Titus 2:3–5, my ladies’ Bible study book, was ready. But it’s not. And it’s going to be a long time—if ever—before it is ready.

Change happens. Not only is that a true statement, but that was the title of a recent four-week ladies’ Sunday school class at my church. Little did I know how things would change when the pastor’s wife called and asked me to teach one of those weeks. I was to choose a Bible character from whom we could learn lessons on change and prepare a thirty- to forty-minute lesson. I was free to choose the person as well as my approach to the lesson.

God put, as Joe (my husband) likes to say, a “fire in my belly” from the very minute I began working on the lesson. I chose Moses and initially planned to look at all the changes in his life: bulrushes, burning bush, plagues, Ten Commandments, etc. My goal for my study time in the mornings was that I hoped to saturate my mind with all of the events, their correct order, and the changes God walked Moses through.

But God changed my thinking.

The more I read in the Bible (starting in Exodus 2 with Moses’s birth and ending in Deuteronomy 34 with Moses’s death), the more the facts did not jump out at me. Instead, I was struck over and over again by Moses’s growing knowledge of–and relationship with–God as he saw God working in each of the changes he was going through. Oh. My. Heart. There was that topic that I love so well: “Knowing God!” I began to see that the more we know of God and the better we know Him, the more we can choose to change how we view the changes that come into our lives. The lesson (and therefore the study times) took a drastic turn toward the personal and the practical!

After I taught the lesson, I was speaking with Joe about the fact that I had put in so much study time and had gathered so much material that I probably could have taught a whole series of lessons just from the life of Moses. As I began to pray about it over the next few days, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to set aside thoughts of publishing the “Titus” study and focus on pouring my heart and efforts into providing the Moses study for other ladies to use. When I tossed the idea out to Joe, he enthusiastically supported the idea and has greatly encouraged me in “gittin’ her done” these last few weeks. The goal has been to just power-write and take the passion burning in my heart and put in on paper ASAP!

So it thrills me to no end to share what God has done and is doing and to tell you that very, very soon, Choosing to Change when Change Happens, a seven-lesson Bible study designed for use in either personal or group study, will be available! I have again chosen to use an on-demand self-publishing service, in part so that I can keep the cost down for those who purchase the study. Hence, the quick turnaround option.

Until then, stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Change Happens

  1. Linda lewis

    This sounds just what I need for my ladies singles Sunday School clsss. Will eagerly look forward to it.

    1. Petals from the Basket Post author

      Linda, you don’t know how honored I am that you would consider using this study with your class. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s out and will be praying that it will be a blessing and encouragement to the ladies in your class (and to YOU)! Thank you!

    1. Petals from the Basket Post author

      Thanks for asking, Kathy! I will announce when it is available on Amazon and via Barnes and Noble. Additionally, the Christian bookstore in Coppes Commons has carried my other books, so I’m sure she would be happy to order it for you as well.