On this thirty-first day of the month before many of us our endeavor to be intentional about expressing our gratitude, I could think of nothing better than to share a thirty-one-minute video with you.

WAIT! Don’t log off yet.

Yes, that sounds like a long time to ask you to focus on this blog, but it’s not a long time to ask you to be truly bless as you listen to several of my dear friends who compiled this video for a ladies’ meeting at our church. Feel free to watch it in five-minute segments. That’s about how long each presentation is.

These ladies, all of whom have had what most of us would label as tragedies or trials, share how and why the “trial” could also be seen as a blessing. Stories from cancer…to caregiving…to addiction—each of them a blessing on its own, but a greater blessing when soaked into the heart via the words of the very women God entrusted with these lessons.

Five minutes and tissues…yes, you’ll want to have tissues nearby. Prepare to be blessed.

blessings video from Colonial Hills Baptist Church on Vimeo.


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