The baskets of our lives are filled with petals from work, family, special events, hobbies, and much more! I believe that each petal—even the wilted ones—can represent blessings that God gives us through each season of life. My desire is that as I open my heart and transparently share ideas and resources for everyday Christian living, I will be able to point to the fact that the baskets of our lives are lovingly woven with the Weaver’s touch! Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Here is where I’m supposed to tell you intriguing, engaging fun facts about myself that make you wish we were best friends and click right back to the “Subscribe to This Blog” button to ensure that we will forever be connected.

Try as I might, I just can’t come up with anything that earth-shattering! I’m me. Brenda Strohbehn Henderson, and that’s as real as it gets. But if you need a little more than that, here you go:

1. Above all else, I’m a Christ-following, Bible-reading, wisdom-seeking, still-growing-in-wisdom, grace-receiving woman of God. Above all else.

2. I’m the youngest of four, have parents who loved each other with a sincere and incomparable love, and I was married for the first time at the age of fifty-five to an amazing man who follows God as avidly as I do.

3. To say that I’m an avid Notre Dame football fan is an understatement. (Go Irish!)

4. I’ve been a waitress, bookstore clerk, speech and music teacher, camp counselor, secretary, tour planner, wedding coordinator, wedding planner, personnel manager, editor, writer, and brand communicator.

5. I have liked nearly every job I’ve ever had (though I wasn’t so thrilled with detassling corn as a teen), but I liked the last three “jobs” so well that I kept them and formed my own company in 2012: PEP Writing Services, LLC (PEP = Proofreading, Editing, Publishing Preparation). It let me combine everything I loved most from every job I’d ever had! Because my husband is a retired airline captain, I too chose to “retire,” closed my business, and now focus on my own writing.

6. I play the flute, piano, and mountain dulcimer, sing a lot, and love the ongoing power of music in my life.

7. I’ve always dreamed of living by a lake and sitting at a desk in the corner, by a window overlooking the water, writing books that long outlive my last breath. For now, the view of the creek out the back window will do just fine.

8. I can’t begin to find words that adequately describe my love of yellow roses. Hydrangeas run a close second.

9. Girl talk over coffee (or really good tea). ‘Nuff said.

10. I laugh hard, cry from the depths of my soul, love deeply, give generously, and connect with a loyalty that few understand.

My cup overflows.